Dec 9, 2015

Performance improvement of GaN-based HEMT grown on silicon (1 1 1) substrate by inserting low temperature AlN layer


One can get a thicker GaN on Si without crack by LT-AlN insertion layer.
More insertion layers can further improve the crystalline quality.
Drain leakage current was reduced about two orders magnitude.
IDS,max and gm,max can even be extremely increased.


By inserting low temperature AlN, a thicker GaN layer on Si substrate without crack was obtained. After comparing the pit densities, etching pit densities, and calculating the dislocations from XRD measurements, results indicated that adding more insertion layers further improved the crystalline quality. The electrical properties were studied by the fabrication of HEMT. The results showed that the off-state drain leakage current was reduced by about two orders magnitude from 1.6 × 10−1 mA/mm to 3.2 × 10−3 mA/mm. Moreover, IDS,max and gm,max could be optimally increased.


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