Jul 26, 2016

Growth of high quality N-polar n-GaN on vicinal C-face n-SiC substrates for vertical conducting devices


The full width at half maximum of N-polar GaNView the MathML sourceω-rocking curve is ∼335 arcsec.
SiNx interlayer is an effective way to improve the properties of N-polar GaN films.
Our structure is vertical conducting.


High quality N-polar n-type GaN films were deposited on vicinal C-face n-SiC substrates by metal organic chemical vapor deposition for vertical conducting devices. We employed the SiNx interlayer to N-polar GaN growth and studied the effect of SiNxinterlayer on the properties of N-polar GaN. We found that the properties of N-polar films were greatly improved by using SiNx interlayer as characterized by X-ray diffraction, photoluminescence, and I-V measurements. N-polar n-type GaN films with SiNx interlayer exhibited a full width at half maximum of 422 arcsec for (0002) omega scan and 335 arcsec for View the MathML source omega scan, respectively. Integrated intensity ratio of near-band-edge emission and yellow-luminescence was increased by a factor of 4 by using SiNx interlayer. Besides, the resistance of the vertical structure with SiNxinterlayer was reduced by 25% in comparison with that without SiNx interlayer.


  • N-polar GaN
  • Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
  • Vertical conducting
  • Nitrides
        • SOURCE:Sciencedirect
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