Sep 11, 2016

Electrical characterization of wafer-bonded Ge(111)-on-insulator substrates using four-point-probe pseudo-metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor method

The electrical properties of wafer-bonded n-type Ge(111)-on-insulator (Ge(111)-OI) substrates were characterized using a four-point-probe pseudo-metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (pseudo-MOSFET) method. Average electron and hole mobilities in the Ge(111)-OI channel were measured to be ~ 1000 cm2/V s in accumulation mode and ~ 310 cm2/V s in inversion mode, respectively. The measured mobility strongly depended on the sample position, due to the spatially inhomogeneous distribution of the interface states. Despite the existence of interface states, the carrier mobility exhibited a high value demonstrating the prospect of wafer-bonded Ge(111)-OI as a channel material in MOSFETs.

Keywords:   Germanium-on-insulator;  Wafer bonding;  Pseudo-MOSFET

Source: Sciencedirect

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