Aug 9, 2019

MOVPE growth of GaN on Si substrate with 3C-SiC buffer layer

We investigated the effect of the thickness of a 3C-SiC buffer layer on the growth of GaN on a Si substrate. GaN samples with thicknesses of 2.0 and 4.5 µm were grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy. Islands were observed at the initial growth of the GaN samples, and they became larger and then coalesced with each other with increasing growth time. The crystalline quality of the GaN samples was affected by the thickness of the 3C-SiC buffer layer and was improved by increasing their thickness. This indicates that the crystalline quality trend for thick GaN growth is different from that for initial GaN growth. Moreover, the GaN sample with a 100-nm-thick SiC buffer layer had a low initial curvature, and the crystalline qualities on GaN(0004) and  planes were 389 and 460 arcsec for 4.5-µm-thick GaN growth, respectively.


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