Nov 19, 2019

Growth by molecular beam epitaxy and properties of inclined GaN nanowires on Si(001) substrate

The growth mode and structural and optical properties of novel type of inclined GaN nanowires (NWs) grown by plasma-assisted MBE on Si(001) substrate were investigated. We show that due to a specific nucleation mechanism the NWs grow epitaxially on the Si substrate without any SixNyinterlayer, first in the form of zinc-blende islands and then as double wurtzite GaN nanorods with Ga-polarity. X-ray measurements show that orientation of these nanowires is epitaxially linked to the symmetry of the substrate so that [0001] axis of w-GaN nanowire is directed along the [111]Si axis. This is different from commonly observed behavior of self-induced GaN NWs that are N-polar and grow perpendicularly to the surface of nitridized silicon substrate independently on its orientation. The inclined NWs exhibit bright luminescence of bulk donor-bound excitons (D0X) at 3.472 eV and exciton-related peak at 3.46 eV having a long lifetime (0.7 ns at 4 K) and observable up to 50 K.


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