Aug 13, 2017

Site-controlled crystalline InN growth from the V-pits of a GaN substrate


InN crystals are selectively grown from the V-pits of a GaN substrate.
V-pits are fabricated by lateral growth of GaN on a SiO2 patterned sapphire substrate.
The V-pit bottom provides a lowest surface energy location for InN nucleation.
InN only grows from the V-pit bottom when InN supply falls below a certain value.


A site-controlled crystalline InN growth from the V-pits of a GaN substrate was investigated. The V- pits were fabricated by epitaxial lateral growth of GaN over SiO2 disks patterned on a sapphire substrate. InN crystals were found to preferably grow on the inclined {10–11} crystal planes of the V-pits. A V-pit size of 1 μm or less can provide precise site-controlled InN nucleation at the V-pit bottom, while no InN was grown on the rest of the exposed GaN surfaces. The site-controlled nucleation is attributed to the low surface energy point created by the converging six {10–11} crystal facets at the V-pit bottom. When In source supply is below a certain value, this V-pit bottom is the only location able to aggregate enough active sources to start nucleation, thereby providing site-controlled crystal growth.


Site-controlled nucleation
Selective area growth


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