Jun 20, 2019

Growth and characterization of free-standing zinc-blende (cubic) GaN layers and substrates

In this paper, we describe bulk, free-standing, zinc-blende (cubic) GaN wafers grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy. We have grown GaN layers of up to 60 µm in thickness. We present the data from characterization measurements that confirm the cubic nature of the GaN crystals and show that the fraction of the material that is hexagonal in nature is not more than about 10% in the best thick samples. Cubic (0 0 1) GaN does not exhibit the spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization effects associated with (0 0 0 1) c-axis wurtzite GaN. Therefore, the free-standing GaN wafers we have grown would make ideal lattice-matched substrates for the growth of cubic GaN-based structures for blue and ultraviolet optoelectronic devices, and high-power and high-frequency electronic applications.


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