Jan 13, 2020

Homoepitaxial growth of GaN crystals by Na-flux dipping method

The realization of low-dislocation-density bulk GaN crystals is necessary for use in the fabrication of future high-power devices with low power consumption. In this study, we attempted the regrowth of low-dislocation-density (104–105 cm−2) GaN substrates to fabricate thick and low-dislocation-density GaN crystals using the dipping technique with the Na-flux method. In the growth using this dipping technique, the generation of dislocations at the interface between the GaN substrate and the regrowth layer was prevented, and we succeeded in fabricating thick and low-dislocation-density GaN crystals. In the growth without the dipping technique, the surface of the GaN substrate demonstrated meltback immediately before the growth, and dislocations were newly generated. These results indicate that the Na-flux dipping technique has potential use for the fabrication of low-dislocation-density bulk GaN crystals.


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